Number of Female Drivers Keeps Growing in Armenia

Women behind the wheel are no longer an exotic sight in Yerevan. I frequently find my car sandwiched between two female drivers on the street. And those are the rare moments, when I feel safe… because I’ve never seen a female driver take an especially risky maneuver just to prove a point or please their ego so far.

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In Armenia women are worse off than in Georgia, better off than in Azerbaijan

Women’s Economic Opportunity Index 2012 - Cover Page

Women’s Economic Opportunity Index 2012 - Cover Page

The Economist Intelligence Unit has published the “Women’s Economic Opportunity Index 2012” along with a report, which attempt to measure progress in the economic advancement of women around the world. Continue reading

Armenia: Tradition of Covering up Domestic Violence

Armenia -- Relatives say Zaruhi Petrosyan, 20, died of abuse and domestic violence, Masis, 2010

Zaruhi Petrosyan, 20, mother of one child, died in Erebuni hospital, where she was taken with brain injury, a broken finger and bruises in different parts of her body. Before she died, the young woman told the doctors that the injuries were a result of a fall.

Zaruhi’s sister says the young mother was subjected to continuous domestic abuse since her marriage in 2008. According to media reports, Armenian police have arrested Zaruhi’s husband Yanis Sargisov. However, Zaruhi’s relatives claim, that the police knew about continuous beatings and abuse she was subjected to and failed to act in due time. Now they expect the police to cover up the case.  Continue reading

International Women’s Day 2008 & The State of Mourning

It seems strange to speak of International Women’s Day, while being in a state of mourning. It doesn’t feel like March 8th at all… 8 Armenian men, if we are to trust the official accounts of bloody events on March 1st, are gone. Their wives, mothers, sisters are mourning them right now…

I’d really wish today, that all our Armenian women could live in a free and secure country, in a country, where women could be in control of their own destiny, and not fear for their relatives, and have a chance of self realisation. …but I realise, that this is not possible, after March 1, riots, killings, state of emergency and the much worse developments, that I’m sure will follow soon. My dear Armenian women – sorry for sounding so pessimistic, but all I can wish for you today, is personal security and safety for the people immediately around you. There’s not much more one can wish and expect from this divided country now. My greetings and apologies…