Another Self-Immolation in Armenia

The post by Kornelij Glas this morning brought the shocking news: “A man has burnt himself in Republic Square”. The other bloggers soon followed with commentaries. In his post iArarat has formulated in one sentence, what seems to be in everyone’s mind as we look at the discussions going on in various blogs:

[…]You know things are getting really desperate when people start burning themselves in protest against government injustice.[…]

Onnik Krikoryan has much more detailed coverage of the incident:

[…]RFE/RL’s Irina Hovannisyan now reports that the man has since died from burns that covered 80 percent of his body at a Yerevan hospital.[…]

UPDATED: More blog posts, discussions and commentary on the tragic incident can be found here:;;;

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    Observer - 02.03.2007

    Onnik Krikoryan has kept the incident in focus, by posting all the reactions from the Armenian blogosphere in the comments section of his post mentioned above.

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    Observer - 02.03.2007

    Sasountsi Anarchist has posted a YouTube video related to this incident, under the title “when alternative forms of expression become futile.”

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    Observer - 02.03.2007

    More from ALS Movement on the incident

    Sometimes silence is so loud that it overpowers the most powerful loudspeakers. Sometimes the discourse of the protest put to action is so astonishingly shocking, that it accepts no criticism. It’s stark uncompromising presence speaks volumes so loud and clear that it is beyond logic… beyond… that it is beyond words, beyond language, beyond grammar… beyond civilization. An absolute expression creating a condition of impossibilities. Any comment is disarmed. Any comment becomes an impossibility. It’s Real.

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