Armenia, Genocide and the World

Vahe Balabanyan has posted a selection of news extracts from A1+, The California Courier, Armenialiberty, The Messenger , The Brock Press and the AP at Hyelog covering the construction of the railway Kars-Akhalqalaq, US attitudes towards the Armenian Genocide recognition, Turkey’s little problem of genocide, Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul’s support for the amendment of Turkey’s controversial article 301, plans for opening the long-awaited second rail ferry link with the outside world that will substantially reduce the cost of its transport communication with Russia and possibly other countries,
Hyelog has the following to add to the article The Caucasus: where the east meets west and much, much more which discusses the complex geopolitics of the Caucasus and the role of Georgia in it:

[…]Irrespective how much Georgia wants to sugar coat it and how much Armenia wants to downplay because it relies on Georgia to access to the world, the reality speaks otherwise. I see this as Georgia caving in to Turkey and Azerbaijan to bring Armenia to its knees in order for it to make concessions on the Genocide recognition and Nagorno Karabakh.[…]

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant