"…decide if the election process is free and transparent…", Raffi Hovannisian, chairman of Heritage party

Martuni or Bust has invited the readers’ attention to a Panorama.am article about the fact, that the doors of the “Heritage” (Jarangutiun) party office have been closed for already a year, and the members of the party can’t get access to even the party charter which is locked inside the building and which is needed to submit to the Central Electoral Committee in order to get registered and participate in elections. Thus the party is artificially obstructed from registering and having a chance to participate in the elections.

“We have applied to the minister of justice, Judicial Acts Compulsory Execution service head many times but did not receive any reply. The prime minister promised to solve the problem of the office but the problem is that he cannot solve a problem of even one office,” Raffi Hovannisian, chairman of Heritage party said.
“Everybody is talking about free and fair elections. You decide if the election process is free and transparent,” the speaker addressed the reporters and answered himself, “Of coarse, not.”

Source: Panorama.am

Artur Papyan

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  1. You know, we’re running into a lot of problems this time round for the election in so much that journalism on both sides of the political fence is getting worse and appears to be forgetting the most basic of journalistic ethics — putting both sides of the story.
    From the opposition press reporting that Kocharian was delaying inviting international observers when actually, those representing both domestic and international observation missions said no such thing, to A1 Plus reporting an “overcrowded rally” of 5,000 at Liberty Square when there were really only 1-1,500 max.
    No, this. Might be true, might not, but journalists shouldn’t just regurgitate partisan political statements from parties. They should also go and check with the authorities to see if this is the case or not. On that, the public response from the Ministry of Justice is

  2. Sorry, the public response from the Ministry of Justice is here.
    Now what should happen is that journalists reporting on this story should check what the Ministry of Justice says with Heritage and so on until the public can consider itself suitably informed enough to make its own mind up.

  3. Thank you Onnik – that was very useful information.

  4. Via: http://www.network54.com/Forum/445792/thread/1172430563/last-1172431682/Armenian+Justice+Minister+Makes+Public+Reply+To+Raffi+Hovannisian
    Armenian Justice Minister Makes Public Reply To Raffi Hovannisian
    February 25 2007 at 11:09 AM ARN (Premier Login Hovik-Dinkjian)
    Forum Owner
    Raffi Hovannisian, chairman of Heritage (Jarangutiun) party made statement yesterday saying, “We have applied to the minister of justice, head of Judicial Acts Compulsory Execution service many times but have not received any reply or solution to the problem in the course of months.” Today Anahit Voskanyan, press secretary of Justice Ministry, made public the announcement of the Justice Ministry addressed to Heritage party. The following is the text of the address.
    To Vardan Khachatryan, chairman of Heritage party board
    Dear Mr. Khachatryan
    You have been given the opportunity to receive your property from 7 Vazgen Sargsyan address many times. You have either refused or have asked unreasonable time of 10 days to move the property.
    We believe that one working day is quite enough to move the property (several computers, tables and book shelves). You are suggested to move the property on February 26, 27 or 28 at an hour suitable for you making a notice to us by telephones (010) 342288, (093) 437700, (091) 008852. You will be given one working day to move the property.
    If we get no information from you by 26.02.2007, the officials of Judicial Acts Compulsory Execution service will be at 7 Vazgen Sargsyan address on February 27, at 10:00 to open the door and hand over the property to you.

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