Application for The Registration of Pre-Election Block "Impeachment"

Kornelij Glas reports, that the “‘Democratic Fatherland’ and the Conservative party have presented an application to the CEC [Central Electoral Commission] of Armenia for registering the pre-eleciton block ‘Impeachment'”. Uzogh has also picked up on the topic criticizing the initiative: “Impeachment – is one of the favorite themes of the opposition. More importantly – it is a very convenient one: no need to write a manifesto, think about the economy, external and internal politics, education, culture… those are all insignificant. The important thing is – impeachment! And the agitation tactic is very convenient as well: everything is [bad] now, but when we come to power, we will improve everything! Full-Stop!”

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant