Some Form of Dual Citizenship is Here

The earlier discussions continued in the Armenian blogosphere regarding the dual citizenship bill, which as Anoush Armenia and Hyelog are reporting, was approved overwhelmingly in the Armenian parliament.
Light in August (Bekaisa) has posed a very challenging question, raised by “A very well known lady who has lots and lots of experience”, which is essentially this:

“How is this possible to give citizenship anyone who was born here when you have 300.000 azerbaijani born here who can claim a citizenship from you and you wouldn’t be able to reject ?”

Join the discussion at Bekaisa‘s blog or the Armenian Dispute Club yahoo group.
Kornelij Glas also has an important comment on the Dual Citizenship legislation, noting, that it will hardly have any impact on the upcoming elections, but might potentially become an issue of consideration for the next year’s presidential ones.

Artur Papyan

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  1. Armenian Economist has an interesting post on Dual Citizenship here.

    On the 26th of February, 2007, the Parliament approved the bill on dual citizenship. This belated legislation is some 15 years in the making since Armenia‚Äôs independence in late 1991, and long overdue. This change, of course, is not enacted without any opposition. Indeed, opponents of this legislation in the ruling coalition and some in the opposition have argued that granting dual citizenship to the Diaspora would increase corruption [sic], and lead to a loss in the country’s sovereignty [sic]. These are virtually the very same arguments underlying the policy advanced in the early 1990s, one that is in many ways responsible for preempting the integration of the Diaspora into the fabric of Armenian society.

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