The Listing of 1000 Largest Taxpayers in Armenia

The Armenian Economist praises the State Tax Services agency for publishing the listing of the 1000 largest taxpayers in Armenia, along with the amount of taxes they had paid, breaks it down by type: including the custom duties, direct taxes (profit and personal income), and VAT among others.
The Economist also indicates the need for the State Tax Services to include important additional details in the listing, as well as points media and analysts as the ones responsible for analysing the content of the listing:

“…The media and analysts also have a responsibility for accurate and objective analysis of the reported information. Many are correct in highlighting the low taxes paid by some local businesses. Others, and despite of the best of intentions, have drawn some outlandish inferences from the tax figures reported over time…”

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant