Armenia and World: Foreign Affairs in Focus

Kornelij Glas kept foreign affairs in focus this week with a large number of unique posts, but other bloggers were active in foreign policy as well, apparently due to lack of any major activity in the political front on domestic affairs.
“While some are thinking of hammering Iran, Yerevan and Tehran are mutually embracing each other”, comments Kornelij Glas here, noting that the two countries have already.

1. Launched the gas pipeline. Discussions are underway on building the second branch.
2. Finally an agreement is signed on building two hydro-electric stations.
3. Started talking of the construction of an oil pipeline.

Kornelij Glas has also published the full text of the Press Conference held by the RA Minister of Foreign Affairs Vardan Oskanyan, covering foreign and domestic politics, including relations with Russia, Kharabakh resolution, International Recognition of the Armenian Genocide, significance of Iran-Armenia gas pipeline in terms of energy diversification for Armenia and more.
The ICHD blog has republished an article by Arshil Saroyan (first published on, describing the current foreign policies of Armenia as isolationist and seeing them as failures in every respect.
In contrast to the gloomy picture of isolation drawn by Arshil Saroyan, Armenia blog has two very short posts on Armenia-Iran gas pipeline and the meeting of Gela Bezhuashvili, Minister of foreign Affairs of Georgia, and Vardan Oskanian, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia.
To conclude this roundup, here’s a link to a mock-serious post, where David_Sand is advocating strict visa regimes in Armenia for the citizens of the EU, USA and Switzerland, having just suffered the pain of going through the Shengen visa procedures at the French embassy in Yerevan.


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