Armenia – the Land of Free Media?

A weekly live broadcast of questions and answers in the National Assembly has been ruled unconstitutional by Armenia’s Constitutional Court. Source:ArmeniaNow

Anoush Armenia has a short comment and even a shorter question on the issue – but it is so eloquent!!!

and my favorite part:

Alexan Harutyunyan the chairman of the Public Television and Radio Council, considers the court’s ruling to be fair. He says it helps to improve the general quality of the legislation governing media by bringing it closer to conformity with European standards.


OK then – now we have free media in Armenia! (I’m being sarcastic here, ok?) So anyway, free does not always mean – responsible. Rubywedge is considering the latest rumors associated with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, and widely discussed in the Armenia media, and suggests, hearing something bad about somebody, to make sure you hear both sides, and just in case, reassures his respect for Bill Gates:

Recently some news agencies ran a story stating that 100 of the United States’ leading entrepreneurs, including Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, sent a letter to President Bush calling on him to put pressure on Congress to not recognize the Armenian Genocide.
Concerning to this I am authorized to state: “Bill Gates has not signed any such letter. Microsoft Corporation and its chairman, Bill Gates, were not aware that any such letter existed and cannot comment as to its contents, origin, purpose or signatories.”

Microsoft RA
Country Manager
Grigor Barseghyan

Uzogh also joins in to express his discontent about the recent Armenian newspaper coverage of the false allegations. Sharing the editorial from Haikakan Zhamanak, where the journalist having the false letter as his has built up a large article discussing the possible US Government involvement in drafting such a letter.


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