Kashatagh in Focus Again

“By decision of the Artsakh government today, the leader of the administration of the Kashatagh area, Hamlet Khachatryan, was removed from office,” Martuni or Bust!!! reports, adding that “there is a good chance that the investigation initiated by the Artsakh government could yield results and possible criminal charges against those responsible for the depopulation of the region.”
SASSNA DZRER follows up saying, that at this point it is too early to see any positive changes. To remind the reader in an earlier post I have covered the issue here as well:

Calls for protecting the interests of the “Kashatagh, the region between Artsakh and Armenia has been depopulating due to very bad governing of the region by a well connected government official”remained in focus of attention thanks to Martuni or Bust and SASSNA DZRER).

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant