Kornelij's Election Leaflet #5

Kornelij Glas has issued yet another election leaflet, summerizing key political developments over the past two week:

  1. There is a degree of calm-down in the political processes – it looks as though the political parties are getting ready for the official start of campaigning.
  2. The greatest degree of activity is observed from the side of “Aylyntranq” aka “Impeachment”, but the rally activity is coming to a halt. The last rally had about 100-200 participants (I’m writing 200 just to be on the safe side, lest anybody think that I’m trying to reduce the figures).
  3. On the positive side for “Aylyntranq”, they are leading on the OpenArmenia. According to the results of the current polls on OA the movement is the front runner. Heated debates concerning the past and the future of the movement are debated on a number of discussion threads, this one in particular. Several activists of the movement have joined the forum – and the activists of the youth wing Aramazd Ghalamkaryan and Hrant Ter-Abrahamyan are actively participating in the debates too.
  4. Also, according to the on-line polls conducted by OA and Uzogh dashnaks have a lot of votes. I can state, that generally in my surroundings the general acceptance of ARF is growing, which probably has to do with the fact, that dashnaks have an understandable position and are nationalistically oriented. (Let me just add, that I have no sympathies whatsoever towards the activities of ARF in Armenia)
  5. Bargavach Hayastan opened a site. Following from that site it is clear, that a) Tsarukyan has a laptop, and it is even possible, that he has a blog, b) to join the party you need 2 photos and the party is ready to help you make those if you need, c) despite all the the malicious gossip, the party does have a programme– in all three languages, surprising as it may seem.
Artur Papyan

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