Uncomfortable Neighborhood: Armenian bloggers about Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Greece

“The possibility of war between the United States and Iran seems more likely by the day…”, Armenia blog reports, citing a Yerkir article about the negative influence such a war will have on Armenia. Hyelog draws reader’s attention to the US Department of Defense strategy for the Black Sea region, the main focus of which is getting individual countries in the area to develop a regional approach on security issues. Interestingly the details about US DoD strategy for the Black See region are “leaked” amid speculations on US wish to expand the surveillance and monitoring in the area by installing its new PRO radar system in the Caucasus as reported by Kornelij Glas. The blogger also notes, that Azerbaijan doesn’t want the radar, while Georgia is ready to discuss the matter. The blogger is sorry for Yerevan’s silence – it would be an interesting experiment to install the American radar next to the Russian C-300 [installed in Armenia] and watching them “surveillance” each other he says.
Ahousekeeper states his point of view on Turkey’s “definite and short-term goal to destroy Armenia“, and asks, why is it, that “ANM (HHSh) party being well informed about this situation, keep telling fairy-tales about the possibility to reconcile with Turkey and try to create a complex among Armenians, that it is because of our stubbornness that those kind-hearted turks dislike us so much.” The blogger further expands his inquiry:

The same question should be directed to many American, British and European organizations, who are so so vigorously involved in “reconcilliation” – as a result the readiness to resist is destroyed in Armenians.

Hakob Gevorgian has found the conclusions made by the ArmenianHouse editor Karen Vardanesyan [Ahousekeeper]  “very interesting” and has republished the whole post to “make it accessible to public.” Armenia blog has also paid a great deal of interest to Armenia-Turkey relations, expressing his disappointment with the possibility of a “light sentence” for Ogun Samast, who is being accused of assassinating “Agos” Armenian-Turkish bilingual weekly editor-in-chief Hrant Dink, who will most likely will escape life imprisonment according to PanArmenian. The blogger also touches on Armenia-Azerbaijan relations, asking “what’s next” as Azeri government decision for “for resettling 30,000 to 35,000 Azeris in Shahumyan, which was once home to 21,000 Armenians who were either massacred or forcibly evacuated from the region during the Nagorno-Karabakh movement” come to be known.
Speaking of Greece, another neighbor from the Black See region, Armenia blog says “Greece is a strong ally that must be kept close. Increasing trade between the two countries is a good start” as details of Greek plans to involve Armenia into its five-year economic development program are discussed by the Armenian press.

By Artur Papyan

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armenians have made too many mistakes, in case of war, Iran’s azerbaijan will gain big time, and armenia will have have to deal with all sort of dificulties

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