Armenia Gets New Prime Minister

Speaking of the official appointment of Serzh Sarkisyan to the position of Prime Minister, Onnik Krikoryan at Oneworld Multimedia has a lot of important points for his blog’s visitors to consider:

Indeed, this new development might turn out to be one of the most significant factors in determining the outcome of the 12 May vote. Although his late predecessor Andranik Markarian might have been seen as a more neutral figure in the heavily polarized political field in Armenia, Sarkisyan has the ability to stir up many emotions which are usually negative.

However, the most important observation by the blogger, which is felt everywhere but never voiced is this:

Interestingly, even those who usually don’t complain about the situation in Armenia can often be heard threatening to leave the country if Sarkisyan becomes President. Basically, while they might be resigned to slow change under the present system, rather than represent continuation, a Republican and Sarkisyan victory in the 2007 and 2008 polls is seen as regression.

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