Russia Supports the Republican Party

Rhyne at Armenia blog looks at a recent article by Kommersant, claiming, that Russia officially supports the Republican Party and Serge Sarkasyan during the upcoming elections. It’s no surprise for the blogger, that Russia, one of the “least democratic countries around” is taking sides. The blogger is more concerned about the choices of voters in Armenia:

So what happens when both the top choices are evil and undesirable, yet the most powerful and influential?

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. KGB school took over Russia and soon will take over Armenia. I think we will need another constitution soon to be more descriptive for Armenian reality.

  2. A constitution is meaningless without any effort to uphold it to the utmost. What Armenia needs is nothing short of a Revolution.

  3. I confess, that I like revolutions in general. However, in order to build a “rule of law” state, we need political activity of all citizens instead of widespread apathy and meaningful participation of voters in the election process (rather then vote selling, which I consider one of the biggest crimes).
    In the situation we have now a revolution will be most destabilizing, very dangerous and generally – we really don’t need a revolution!

  4. I like the idea of revolution, but I am afraid with military prime minister we have now it will turn into civil war in Armenia. Are we ready economically for one more stress? (Psychologically we will survive, I am sure).
    But if we have leaders in freedom and can have something like a French revolution and put the ‘King’ at more civilised guillotine, that still could be option.

  5. Good point about military prime minister, Grigor. One think I don’t like about the recent developments is the fact, that while all the other ministers have been reaffirmed by the President Kocharian today, the post of the Defense Minister stays empty. And nobody has any ideas as to who will be the potential candidate for the post. Vice-Minister Mikayel Harutyunyan is right now leading the ministry, but he is too much of a military person to be a minister. Let’s not forget, that the minister of Defense is primarily a political position, and handing it over to a general would be a wrong decision in my opinion.

  6. Well Observer, I fully agree about not leaving the ministerial position to a military person. But on the other hand let’s not pretend that all the rest of Ministers and high rank officials in Armenia are in their right positions and the only problem was the general in military uniform. Well, as a benefit from the organisation he will receive a lounge suit and will look like almost a minister.
    Or he may net even need that, as we are on the track of having military uniform as a part of national dressing code and I believe Russia will support it!

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