Statistics of Armenia e-news resources

Uzogh has published internet usage statistics of some Armenian electronic news resources, here are a couple of them, for more, visit Uzogh’s blog here:

By Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant

6 replies on “Statistics of Armenia e-news resources”

It is really interesting, if you remember our first discussion, in Onnik’s blog.
I hear so much gossip about visitors, so I decided to put it public.
BTW in comments to my original post – there’s some info on PanARMENIAN stats.

And just one question – what is primary language for your reviews?
I want to read your reviews in my friends page, but sometimes I’m missing something – like this post – just because I’m subscribed on armenian version of your notes….

🙂 it’s hard to say what is the primary language – sometimes I start writing the post in Armenian, sometimes English. All the posts are translated into the opposite language, so if you’re subscribed to the Armenian RSS you will get it. I’ve noticed, that the LJ feed takes 30-60 minutes delay.
BtW – I haven’t been working very regularly this week – because have just returned to Armenia and have to adjust to a new working schedule. Hopefully I’ll be more punctual next week.

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