The Official Start of the Election Campaign Period

Blogian and Oneworld Multimedia report the official start of the “unholy campaign of parliamentarian elections”(Blogian) which has started on holy Easter in Armenia. Blogian is especially frustrated by the fact, that Prosperous Armenia’s campaign will be “blessed” by the Catholicos, saying “So what happened to “Give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s, give unto God what is God’s”? (Blogian)

Cartoon via Blogian via echannel


On a related note, Zarchka from Life around me writes about the energetic start of the election campaign by Dashnaktsutyun Party with posters sticking all around, and voices her concerns:

…will those posters be cleaned as energetically as they were stuck by the same people? I find the view with traces of the torn posters really disgusting and polluting the city. Now imagine all the 24 parties sticking their posters, slogans and plans on every step, on every building. And this is not the first case when after elections no one cares of cleaning the walls from the torn poster traces.

Notes from Hairenik also discusses the ARF-Dashnaktsutiun campaign, discussing the ARF rally and describing it with words like “a fantastic experience”.

Now the party must convince the people that it is able to meet the significant challenges that it has identified. If the ARF wants the people’s support, it has to prove to Armenian citizens that it can get the job done without fail.

Christina at Local Life in Armenia is complaining from the lack of imagination by campaigners:

Nobody believes in campaigns, most are disgusted by the this advertisement race, but these are still the prevailing mechanisms present in this country now.

Regardless all the campaigns, Narjan jokes, that after May 12 we will have a Multi Parliament in Armenia. [the word Multi is associated with Multi Group of Gagik Tsarukyan, the leader of Prosperous Armenia party]

Artur Papyan

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