Armenian 'YouTube'

Via Unzipped I found out about the first Armenian Video Sharing Network:
While Unzipped is looking at it as a”very promising development”, I have to say, that this development looks promising only for diaspora Armenians. And that is not just because I couldn’t find a single Armenian letter on the front page (interfaces being English, French and Russian?!), but also because with the type of slow connections and constant problems with uploading we have in Armenia, anything related to Internet video is pretty much out of our reach.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. I completely agree with your criticism re lacking Armenian letter in this new video site. Will try to pass your comment to the guy who (I assume) is one of the people behind the launch of yesoudo. It is sad that Armenia is lagging so much behind in IT and internet developments, having such a huge potential. I hope recent news on demonopolisation of internet services (at last!) and the posting in Huliq, will give Armenians chance to have a full use of internet capabilities in the near future.
    Btw, you have nice youtube channel, will keep an eye on it.

  2. thanx and thanx 😀

  3. Well, thanks a lot for your comments on our site. It’s true that this website is destinated for Diaspora Armenians (USA, Canada, Argentina, France, LEbanon, Australia, Russia) because they have hi-speed internet connection and they can watch the videos, but we hope that one day the Telecom sector will improve and we can provide content to users in Armenia. Regarding the Armenian letters. We took seriously this remark and we’ll try to improve our designs, but don’t forget that the name of the website itself “yes ou do” (me and you) can’t be more Armenian than it is.
    Thanks again on your comments and remarks!

  4. Hi Geoy,
    I appreciate your quick response and readiness to improve. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help – I really like the idea… really really!!! 🙂

  5. Hello fellow Armenians – Here is a new Video Sharing website for Armenians – it is in its initial stage so a lot more changes on the way…check it out, register and upload…

  6. There is nothing better for Armenian video sharing than the youtube, it has the highest number of Armenain videos and users.
    Tried to use yesoudo today, just to watch a video, I could not as I needed to register… why I would I give out my details just to watch a video? So I went to youtube again:)

  7. Would say the same about HyeClips, nice site but I don’t want to register to watch a video…

  8. Hi Aram jan,
    Thanks for the feedback…I have changed the settings so guests can watch videos now. thank you

  9. BTW, we are an open community and are always open to new ideas an changes. thanks all.

  10. I sympathize with the Armenians that it must be terrible not to be able to experience the 3rd most visited website in the whole wide world. But if you do want to watch videos from Youtube even if it’s blocked in your country, you can try Youtube Mirror which allows you to do just so, even watch restricted videos. Let me know if you liked it like I did!

  11. no wonder is finished, look at what they were promoting on youtube…100% complete anti-ARMENISM

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