Leave that flag alone

Blogian is “really angry after finding out that a group of Azeri students has disturbed an Armenian student dance in Moscow by stealing the flag of the dancers (during the dance) and tore it apart.” having received his news from the “incredibly biased official Azerbaijani crappaper APA. ” A number of Armenian blogs have followed the news of the clashes, the Russian language HayBlog has an informative post, however, all the real discussion and action has gone on at the Ahousekeeper blog, who has posted the Artsakh flag and emblem, to make sure everyone understands what this is all about, and has the following suggestion:

Just for educational purposes I am suggesting to make a flash-mob called “The flag and national emblem of Nagorno-Kharabakh Republic” by posting the flag and national emblem of the Nagorno-Kharabakh Republic in your blogs[] like this:

Flag of Nagorno-Kharabakh Republic: Emblem of Nagorno-Kharabakh Republic:
Artur Papyan

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