Half-Dressed Women Will Be Forbidden to Enter the Parliament Building

Apparently in an attempt to boost the efficiency of the newly elected Armenian National Assembly, the Parliament building will be closed for reconstruction during the summer holidays: the building will be refurbished and will become fully air conditioned.
One of the changes already noticed by the A1plus is the fact, that open shoulders, dresses without sleeves or open stomachs are already discouraged in the Parliament building – for the NA staff as well as for the journalists.
It seems like an attempt to raise the authority of the NA and raise the efficiency. They will have 4 long years to demonstrate that!

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. I remember a journalist friend telling me the way one prominent (and quite delicious) local female journalist dressed at a U.S. Embassy press conference — open stomach and tight fitting clothes and stuff. It was hard to take her questions seriously, he said, and was also distracting. Perhaps in positive ways, but there is a point here. Usually professionals dress in a way they can be taken seriously whereas most girls here seem to be “fashion victims.” One has to wonder whether they take more time in dressing up than actually doing their work.
    Not bad if you’re a male, perhaps, but not ideal if you want to work. 😉

  2. Although A1plus were making fun of this initiative at length, I think it is high time the Armenian Parliament raises its profile via all available means, especially after getting rid of some highly disgraceful political figures like Arshak Sadoyan, Artashes Geghamyan, Choit, etc.
    This Parliament has many more functions and powers according to the new constitution, then any other one before looking serious and respectful won’t heart it at all.

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