What would we do without Raffi?

[18 June, 2007 | A1plus ] Raffi Hovannisian, the leader of the Heritage Party and the newly-elected NA deputy, has put forward his candidature at Precinct 15.
Considering the fact, that Hairitage Party only collected 2022 votes on May 12, 2007 Parliamentary elections, I don’t think Raffi really hopes to win the sit here, and this is probably more of a PR move then anything else.
More importantly though, this is a win win situation for Raffi and Hairitage as a whole. If he does win – well, he wins. If he doesn’t, he’ll get a lot of extra publicity, will show a real fighter attitude and demonstrate, that he is the only real opposition. So you see, this is a really smart move. Bravo Raffi, thank you for making our lives a little more interesting, otherwise these bloody elections have left quite a bitter taste in me.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. Im going to join the Heritage part , hope they except my application all the way from Sweden.

  2. I’ll prey for you my friend 🙂

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