September 1st – Start of Academic Year

The new academic year means a lot of happy faces, cheerful children and students first-graders happy and proud of themselves for having made it. The start of the academic year means new clothes, and new stationaries and first “gifts” to the school teachers, and starting to learn how to find your way around without having to learn anything!? The start of the new academic year means endless traffic jams around educational institutions created by proud parents making sure their sibling is taken to school in their new car, so everyone knows who’s the “important” dad here.
For Ahousekeeper, the start of the new academic year means, that the number of first graders has diminished by 3-4 thousand, which means the Armenian army will be weaker in 10 years time – so we’d better start thinking about it right now.
For David_Sand it is another reason to speculate about the way law is taught in the Armenian universities, and while the blogger thinks the only chance his son has got to learn anything is to attend the French University in Armenia, he notes serious shortcomings: they don’t teach Roman Law and Constitutional Rights in other countries.
Well, I guess I just want to discard the pessimistic/ironic tones on this occasion and wish all these kids attending their first year at school and university: have a safe journey through the roads of knowledge and let the traffic jams not cross your way.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


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