Human Qualities Are The Priority for Armenian Voters When Electing President

A1plus has concluded the online poll of voter opinions to the question: “What do you consider the most important when electing president?”, which has ensured the participation of 441 people. 43% of those taking part in the poll have answered, that they find Human Qualities of the future president the most important. Another large section, 32% of the responses are for the “proposed programmatic points”, 6% have emphasized the importance of the political party where the candidate comes from, 13% have found it important to consider the president’s team, while 6% have found it to find any concrete answer.

I assume, that most of the A1plus readers are pro-opposition, and the number of those taking part in the poll is too small to be representative anyway. However, I find the results quite interesting. The fact, that only 6% are looking at the political party that the president represents also leaves a lot of room for consideration and speculation. When ARF-Dashnaktsutyun announces, that their candidate will most definitely win or at least make it to round two (which I personally find a very interesting and desirable development), I wonder how much attention do they pay to surveys and polls of this kind?

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant