Miss Armenia 2007 Crowned!

Ringing the fresh bell as usual, Rhyne says with all the due sarcasm, that there are far more important things in life then the passing of genocide bill. Things like Miss Armenia 2007 Contest. I could add to that the splendid show that Nor Radio had organized in the Republic Square today.
Quoting Panorama.am the blogger notes, that “Margarita Sarukhanyan, the “Miss Armenia 2007,” was handed the crown by Marina Vardanyan who was announced the best during Miss Armenia – 2006 contest. The crown costs $7,000. It has 425 diamond stones, 14 ruby and carbuncle. It is made of white gold. Thus, Margarita Sarukhanyan was awarded the right to represent Armenia during “Miss Europe.””
Of course the crown should cost more Rhyne says, but hey, here in Armenia $7000 is more then a family of two hard working school teachers will earn for a year, so that additional zero you’re talking about, can be easily traced down to the overall economic situation. Wait till we get that 2.5 billion dollar budget, and I’m sure things will improve for Miss Armenia too 🙂
For now, let me readily agree with Rhyne that beauty will save this world, but of course the Genocide bill is the TOP priority!
Photos: via ArmeniaNow.com and 168 Hours.

Artur Papyan

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  1. Armenie Nous Sommes Tous Avec Toi !!!

  2. H-A-Y-A-S-T-A-N jan jan jan jan jan


  4. amena lavaguyen
    good uck

  5. keghesik hye aghchig,

  6. […] Gohar won her title in December in Slovakia and will hold it until October 2010.   The Armenian public might remember this 30-year-old beauty winning the title of Miss Armenia in 1998, and Miss CIS in 1999.   This is the first time I’ve heard of the Miss Globe contest. It doesn’t look like something very prestigious, but the fact and Armenian beauty won it, feels very pleasant all the same.   Sadly, Gohar does not live in Armenia. According to her official bio in Miss Armenia website, Gohar left for the USA in 2000 and lives there now with her family.   PS: Does anyone know what happened to the Miss Armenia contests? I don’t seem to recall any Miss Armenia after 2007. […]

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