No to ArmSCII-8: Unicodisation of Armenian Sites is Here

Blogger Nm_work has created an immensely useful online unicode converter-proxy of Armenian websites which are coded in already obsolete ArmSCII-8. As Ahousekeeper has rightly noted, it is hard to understand what is the reason, that so many Armenian websites still use this already dead ArmSCII-8 encoding, but the fact is – these sites are there, among them heavyweights like the Haykakan Zhamanak, Armenia Liberty and Nm-work’s contribution to the solution of this problem is more then welcome. So anyway – here come the usage instructions:

To use it, simply add after the domain name of the webpage written in the old encoding, and the page will be instantly converted into Unicode encoding and be correctly displayed on your browser. For example, if you are trying to see the unicode version of add after the domain name of<>/Harcazruyc.html so the final URL should look like: and it will work. There is also a list of Armenian news/media websites written in the old ArmSCII-8 encoding on Nm_works blog which work with the converter-proxy.

I join the cheering crowd thanking Nm_work for his work, and want to remind you all, that if you need an excellent sysadmin, network administrator, programmer, windows/unix installations specialist – Nm_work is the right guy to talk to.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. Yay Unicode!

  2. uses Unicode.

  3. Պետրոսյան – thank you for the correction. I checked it will update the post accordingly.

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