“How much is it for a 5 in maths?”

I never went to school in Armenia but there are several important differences between the two systems. The most shocking thing is about the fact that in the little ex soviet republic, the students can buy their notes. This practice is not used or tolerated in Switzerland. The price of the notes depends on the importance of the exam. Armenian teachers act this way because they are often underpaid. Unfortunately, this way of education is very bad for the country because the armenian diplomas are not valuable anymore. Consequently, foreign diplomas are much more demanded in the Armenian labour market. However, some brave students decide not to pay their teachers to get good marks and to work instead of paying.Otherwise, this system makes the differences between the poor and the rich of the country even more unfair, giving rich people the opportunity to get diplomas without money…
Stéphane Maffli

Artur Papyan

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