LTP VS SS: Excellent Provocation from Pigh

Without further comments, I want to present to your attention this excellent provocation-joke from PighFind 10 Differences:

Levon Ter-Petrossian
Education – humanities, weak analytical skills.
Hobby – part-time KGB agent
Brother – Oligarch
Manner of talking to the nation – cynical.
Memory – selective, especially regarding the period from 1991-1998. (remembers, that something happened, but doesn’t remember what exactly)
Karabakh – will surrender it at the upcoming races.
Sources of funding – oligarchic.
PR – is actively PRing Robik and Serzh
Serzh Sargsyan
Education – humanities, analytical skills – none.
Hobby – full-time KGB agent.
Brother – Oligarch
Manner of talking to the nation – cynical.
Memory – selective, especially regarding the period from 1991-1998. (doesn’t remember, that he was in power the whole time)
Karabakh – might lose it at the upcoming horse-races.
Sources of funding – oligarchic.
PR – is actively PR-in Levon.
The question is – if they are different sides of the same coin, what a hell do we need any of them for? Especially as I’m convinced more and more, that their activities are nicely synchronised, as if they’re both sitting at the same table, drinking coffee and discussing how to best confuse everybody about their would-be ideological differences. And we all look and enjoy being bamboozled…

10 thoughts on “LTP VS SS: Excellent Provocation from Pigh

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    Onnik Krikorian - 11.12.2007


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    Observer - 11.12.2007

    Excellent suggestion from Narjan πŸ™‚

    /part-time KGB agent //
    I’d translate that better as Freelance πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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    isabella - 11.12.2007

    I wish to know what are the proves/facts of LTP to be a part-time KGB employee/agent ? I am not going to get into any kind of discussion about the essence of the post above, but some things are just so irresponsible..

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    uzogh - 12.12.2007

    Just try to find an answer, why LTP has stolen the Karabakh committe files from Gen. Prosecutor’s office?

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    grigik - 12.12.2007

    I agree isabella! I would not take the analysis of the author for granted as acording to his conclusions LTP is employed by SS (very relevant abriviation) for part time?!?!
    Besides, to comment on the education of LTP one should be at least of the same educational level. The coment on cynicism could be valid! lol

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    Observer - 12.12.2007

    Grigik – this is not analyses. this is a joke! a provocation! see??? (you need a dictionary or something? looooooool :))

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    grigik - 12.12.2007

    there is a joke in any joke!

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    Onnik Krikorian - 12.12.2007

    funny that there are some who dislike it when people accuse one candidate of some things by saying there is no evidence, but they don’t mention it for the other candidate. πŸ˜‰
    Actually, it is a joke, but representative of the fact that most Armenians — for now at least — would prefer candidates other than the two mentioned here.
    Unfortunately, that aspect of it all is not a joke. It’s rather depressing, in fact. πŸ™

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    Tigran Kocharyan - 12.12.2007

    I didn’t mention in the original article taht Levon is working for Serge in KGB>
    The issue that he has cooperated as everyone postgraduated from orientalian faculty.

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    uzogh - 12.12.2007

    70% of voters in a poll located in my blog reckon, that LTP was a KGB snitch in soviet times (
    There was a lot of publications on this issue in mid 90-ies, and it is a question of trust.
    It’s like a SAS’ gambling addiction – everybody speaks about it, but nobody have proves for it.

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