Observer's Top Ten of Armenian Blogs

This list is compiled using my RSS reader: it follows which blogs I visit most often. Although it is highly subjective, I have to note, that I usually avoid using blogs where there’s nothing worth reading, so with this list I want to promote the blogs I really like once again. Why not?

1 Oneworld Multimedia
2 ЖЖитейские записки
3 The uncharted zone
4 Kornelij Glas
5 A1plus
6 And nothing else matters….
7 ՈՒզողի բլոգը
8 понятна мысль моя неглубокая?
10 Марк Григорян

With all due subjectivity 🙂

2 thoughts on “Observer's Top Ten of Armenian Blogs

  1. Reply
    Onnik Krikorian - 12.01.2008

    Can I suggest starting from this week you award prizes? 🙂
    Oh well, worth a try… 😉

  2. Reply
    Observer - 12.01.2008

    If you keep writing at that pace, you’ll collect the prizes every week! That’s not fare! :)))

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