Artur Baghdasaryan Prefers To Run Alone

Via Unzipped, I found out that the RA Presidential Candidate Artur Baghdasaryan has decided to refrain from joining any other opposition candidate in the first round of elections. This is of course understood mainly as a decision to reject the offer to support Levon Ter-Petrossian’s candidacy, which, especially after Rafffi Hovannisian and his “Heritage” party voiced their support for Ter-Petrossian, was more then expected, especially as Artur Baghdasaryan was never excluding such a possibility. At any rate, this is what is reporting, the statement issued from the headquarters of Artur Baghdasaryan’s “Rule of Law” party reads:

“Considering the fact, that if elections are held in a free and fair manner it is impossible to conclude the presidential race in the first stage and taking into account the stances of regional structures of the Rule of Law party, members of the supporting civil movement and applications of hundreds of thousands of supporters, we state, that Artur Baghdasaryan is one of the main pretenders to win these elections”.

Interestingly, despite the fact, that Unzipped is rather disappointed by such a development, I think Artur Baghdasaryan is indeed behaving like a politician, and I see no reasons why he should abandon campaigning and and jump into the other train.

Artur Papyan

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  1. He’s also a very calculating politician which means that he’s weighed up where best to be and for now at least it’s not by Ter-Petrossian’s side. Incidentally, this decision was obvious last Saturday when he didn’t withdraw from the race. LTP’s people tried to persuade others that he would pull out by 19 February but I think they were trying to mislead people. Basically, his name has been on the ballot since Sunday and it’s pretty much as simple as that. Unzipped is unhappy because Levon needs Artur now.

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  3. Arthur made the right choice, why should he have supported someone whose record is one of corruption, authoritarianism and defeatist on national issues. Arthur makes Raffi and his Heritage party, look like unprincipled morons.

  4. Well, it should be pointed out that Baghdasarian entered parliament in 1995 on the HHSh ticket. Funny how his old master now needs him back, but not too out of the ordinary for politics, I suppose.

    A lawyer by training, Baghdasarian began his political activities in 1995 as an enthusiastic supporter of then President Levon Ter-Petrosian and his Armenian Pan-National Movement (HHSh) party. Baghdasarian made his name as the head of a lawyers association and the host of a TV program that promoted Armenia’s post-Soviet Constitution, which was endorsed in a controversial referendum in July 1995. He was elected to parliament on the HHSh ticket in the parliamentary ballot held concurrently with that referendum.
    Baghdasarian was among dozens of lawmakers who defected from the HHSh-led parliament majority in February 1998 and thus helped precipitate Ter-Petrosian’s resignation. He has since played down his past links with the unpopular “former regime,” repeatedly criticizing it in public speeches.

  5. Arutr Baghdassarian plays the game right. I still think the power takeover looks like very well orchestrated. Artur will wait, raise the price of his support, get let’s say PM’s chair promise before declarring his support and he’ll do it in the 2-nd round of elections. They are jut adding more drama to the election spectacle!The show must go on…………..
    Humble opinion of your humble servant)))))

  6. Archuk – when saying “power takeover looks like very well orchestrated” are you trying to say, that Ter-Petrossian will definately win, and what Artur is trying to do is to raise his prize and work as Prime Minister with Levon – naxagah? Just checking my understanding.

  7. I know you’re going to say that Levon cannot appoint a PM with Republicans having majority in the parliament,but parliaments can be dissolved as well. And then, not necessarily a PM, it can be the presidential chair in next elections or something else. All this,of course, if I’m right about a foregin plan to make Levon president.

  8. No – I`m just surprised at your assurance, that Levon will win. From what I have been hearing – I can agree, that his chances are high – but I don`t think it is more then 50% chance.

  9. Again, I might be wrong, totally wrong, but that’s what my political understanding is telling me based on what I’m seeing from foreign sources and taking into consideration the regional developments -Armenia needs a nw political regime. I think they’ve been lookig for someone for a long time and had to go back to LTP after all, because of clear lack of descent political leaders in the country( no offense Vahan and Artur supporters).

  10. My fellow on Orkut shared this link and I’m not dissapointed that I came to your blog.

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