GALA TV paid the penalties and fines of the tax inspection

The telethon/fundraising conducted for Gala TV Company in Gyumri was a success. The necessary sum was collected and completely transferred to tax inspection.
During these days of telethon, 26 million 458 thousand 500 drams have been transferred to the television company. The whole amount has been given to Judicial Act Enforcement Body. The rest of the amount, consisting of about 441 thousand dram will be exacted from the TV company account number where there is 540 thousand drams.

Via E-channel.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. This day will certainly remain in our hearts (at the least) as the day when the People of Gyumri liberated themselves. This was a miracle; a light in darkness, hope for the hopeless, water for the thirsty… We ought to, if not now, certainly in the future, mark this day as the “Day of Freedom of Thought and Conscious”.
    Ditord, kudos to you for covering this issue.

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble but by the end of next month,it is expected that tax authorities will find another 20 million in unpaid “something”. Gala has no future in Armenia for one simple reason: It supported Armenia’s enemy Levon Ter Petrosyan. The government has no tolerance for supporters of Levon anymore. Their place is either outside of Armenia or in the jails of Armenia. And guess what: Levon brought this on to themselves.

  3. If the place of supporters of justice is outside of Armenia, then in a few months there will remain only a few policemen, the parliament and the government in Armenia. I congratulate you for such a great vision of Armenia’s “future.”

  4. Hayrenaser,
    Whatever is happening with GALA IS ILLEGAL. Stop your mantra “Armenia‚Äôs enemy Levon Ter Petrosyan”. Same thing will happen if instead of Levon Ter Petrosyan we will have Raffi Hovannisyan. This system is not ready for any competition. One thing they used to do for a while is send tax police to anybody who does not behave well to them. And they were doing it for 10 years. Now they are trying to use same scheme to the whole nation.

  5. I don’t want a TV company to be the propaganda outlet of the enemy of the nation Levon Ter Petrosyan. There is not a sentence in the resume of that man which is for he good of Armenia. So a media outlet doing the publicity of Ataturk,Aliev or Ter Petrosyan. we don’t need that in Armenia even in the name of democracy.

  6. GALA is no worse than H1, is it not? The government has its own blatant propaganda channel, does it not? You can’t say because you agree with the government it’s ok to have their propaganda but not the propaganda as others, within reason. You getting what YOU want and think is best for Armenia is not democracy if it represses all others, as is happening now.

  7. Paul: 100% agree with you. And i am not sure who sprade the hatered more H1 or LTP.
    And one thing i want to mention in particular.
    The main propaganda is now that nation is separated. Dont think it is true. If my friend votes for SS or LTP it doesnt mean that i am not going to have beer with them. It is OK to have different views on things. When we’re going shopping we’re not buying all same things, except case when we have only one type of product in store :).
    One thing i am worried about is that nation can be dived by a principle: been detained or not.

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