Heritage Files Legal Challenge to State of Emergency

Yerevan—Today the Heritage Party filed a petition with the Administrative Court of the Republic of Armenia, demanding annulment of the president’s March 1, 2008 decree on the declaration of a state of emergency. The appeal asserts, among other things, that the suspension of the activities of democratic institutions and specifically the restrictions imposed upon the media contradict the requirements both of Armenian law and of the European Convention on Human Rights. As a result, independent and opposition-oriented newspapers and online news services have been effectively blocked, and this stands in flagrant violation of the citizens’ right freely to receive objective and comprehensive information.
In its cause of action, Heritage asks the Court to invalidate the aforesaid decree which, as evidenced by the party, is unlawful and incongruent with the current situation. At the same time, petitioner has moved for a temporary restraining order against the Armenian president’s imposition of further restrictions on civil liberties, as well as for ruling to expedite judicial consideration of the case.
The Heritage Party expects the Administrative Court to deliver a just judgment lifting the extraordinary measures ordered by the president’s decree, eliminating the hardships caused by the state of emergency, and reinstating the constitutional rights and fundamental freedoms of Armenia’s citizens.
Heritage’s petition can be accessed at www.heritage.am.

4 thoughts on “Heritage Files Legal Challenge to State of Emergency

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    nazarian - 15.03.2008

    Another example of playing chess in a boxing competition.

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    Hayrenaser - 16.03.2008

    When you’re playing with traitors who endanger Armenia not only box them but break the chess table on their heads. No “so called” democracy is worth more than losing the country earned with blood to vultures such as Ter Petrosyan

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    mathisking - 16.03.2008

    I am trying to understand following: All the pro-Levon traitors left MFA right? So what happens to great strategic minds, which are suppose to keep Armenia in its current borders, when Azeris were pushing their way in UN? After reading Oskanian’s statement i am in doubt if they have any intellectual ability to do their job right.
    Regarding Heritage i think it is ok to make petitions like that. Seems that works.

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    allen - 16.03.2008

    where can i read Oskanian’s statement?

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