Sirusho's "Qele, Qele" – The Next Eurovision Song?

On November 14th, 2007 Public TV Company of Armenia officially announced, that Sirusho, a young Armenian singer, who has won the Best Female Singer nomination at Armenian National Music Awards 2005, has been selected to represent Armenia at Eurovision 2008. I have to say, that Eurovision has become a big deal in Armenia, and this year is also important, because, Azerbaijan will be entering the contest for the first time, and there is this feeling, that we have to at least be better then them, especially having ensured 8th place in both previous Eurovision finals, with Andre and Hayko representing Armenia in 2006 and 2007 repsectively.
Yesterday, Harmick at Blogrel posted links to 4 songs that Sirusho, noting, that “we have a potential Eurovision winner on our hands!”.

However, it turns out the venue for the Eurovision final was changed yesterday. Looking around the web I couldn’t quite understand what has happened in the end anyway, but one thing that I could see on the Public TV website, is that the song “Qele, qele” was selected, despite cancellation of the finals. Now I’m not quite sure, if this is official or no, and here in UK I have no access to the Armenian Public TV(not that I’m particularly concerned for not watching all the propaganda crap they broadcast). None of the still functional news resources in the web seemed to report anything about Sirusho and Eurovision, probably the news is too political and can’t be published? My journalism students had made some paparazzi photos of Sirusho dating with Robert Kocharyan’s son, perhaps that has something to do with cancellation of the finals in this tense period? I hopes the internal politics is not involved at least in something as simple as the Eurovision song contest!

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    […] and dignity as well as continuing historical conflict on new battlegrounds. The Armenian Observer comments on both aspects of Armenia's entry this year — the change of venue of the national contest given that not only did Sirusho take part in […]

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    hh - 10.03.2008

    Frankly who gives a F****?

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    nazarian - 10.03.2008

    🙂 exactly my sentiment, too.

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    Shiva, the God of Death - 10.03.2008

    Eurovision get off the air!

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    Onnik Krikorian - 10.03.2008

    Seems like most people do, actually.
    Indeed, I’ve never noticed such interest in Eurovision apart from in former Soviet countries.

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    tzhvzhik armen - 10.03.2008

    Is this true about her?
    Scroll down to the second story, dated; Thursday, July 28, 2005, titled; “The Daddy Syndrome”.
    W/ respect to Onnik’s comment. That interest in music was always there. It is a combination of “strong” government and lack of other things to do. Good distraction for people – from the government’s point of view, and is the easiest thing to have cooperation w/ w those western countries.

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    Karen - 10.03.2008

    Qele qele ….. It’s asupper. Lets go Sirusho. You’re the best. Armenia and all armenians are with you. Sirusho is the best.

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    Onnik Krikorian - 10.03.2008

    Tzhvzhik Armen, strangely the government didn’t exploit the Eurovision Contest as you suggest. Instead, there’s very little information on it at all.
    However, it is true that politics and music (and culture) are linked.

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    Terry Wogan - 10.03.2008

    The Armenian final was not cancelled, it did move indeed but took place as scheduled. For my eurovision news i check, they usually have it all, that is where i read that. Their readers also say that Qele qele is a favourite to win.

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    Onnik Krikorian - 10.03.2008

    Terry Wogan (;-) )
    I think the initial mention of the word “cancelled” meant at the Opera. They should have used “moved venue” or whatever.
    As for Eurovision, I hate it. Nothing can compare to the “Floral Dance,” after all 😉

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    Terry Wogan - 10.03.2008

    Lol Onnik, you don’t know what you are missing :D:D

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    Harmick - 10.03.2008

    The final did indeed take place yesterday, it was moved fromt the Opera to a live TV studio at Armenia 1 , the show was well staged and there were 15 minutes of SMS voting , at the close of which Qele Qele had a massive 86.5% of Public votes.
    As for those who don’t care, don’t read this, simple!

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    Հայաստանէ այսոր աիսպիսինէ էթե չ փոխվի հայ ազգը կ կործանվի կարծումեմ

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    N. - 10.03.2008

    I think Sirusho needs to work more on her moves.

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    tzhvzhik armen - 11.03.2008

    I did not say the Government of Armenia exploited the Eurovision concernt in 2008. I meant to imply the general liking of cultural events by ex-Communist countries. These events tend to bring generally divided nations together to imply unity and to get people’s minds off political events of the day.
    Right now the situation in Armenia is much to tense to prented that a Eurovision qualifying concert might serve that purpose.
    You don’t see Eurovision-type things in richer countries. They have things like the American Idol, which bring lots of TV ratings and mucho dineros.
    Smaller countries tend to set their ambitions at winnings things like Eurovision song contest. Larger countries compete on the number of Olympic medals fetched, etc. For smaller countries it is much harde to compete at the Olympic level broadly (of course, you have exceptions like GDR – Germanskaya Demokraticheskaka Respublika).

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    Janna - 11.03.2008

    Check this out, here you can find Eurovision Videos

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    karolina&asthgik - 12.03.2008

    we love your song Qele-Qele!
    it me karolina only asty like this song cause i didnt hear it!!!!
    but i think it cool!
    i gonna love it cause my friend asty like !!
    So much!
    she all the time sing this shit song!!
    it joke [shit]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lovee bye karolina and ASTY*

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    someone - 12.03.2008

    some one love aresn!
    from the college high special art school!
    it not melissa!!
    it ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    quetecages - 12.03.2008

    Creo que se repiten viejos errores. Si se quiere competir para ganar,hay que rever muchos procedimientos en Armenia,incluyendo las votaciones.
    Armenia merece por su historia que su nombre siempre brille.

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    karolina&astghik - 12.03.2008

    it me karolina!!
    i lovve this song!!

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    Tigran Kocharyan - 13.05.2008
    Everything about Sirusho and Amenia.
    Pls,promote it:)
    Haxtelu enq!!!:)))

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    pavle - 21.05.2008

    you want to be better, then azerbaijan? ou lol it;’s just funny becouse therir song is too strong to win evrovision, they’re the best….lol

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    nevrik - 21.05.2008

    i was sunny greatrings to you sirusho . you are the best in all armnian singers .you should work hard to go on 1-st place in eurovision . i live in iran and i am happy because i can say you that all of the armenian people in iran listen to qele qele and they love you like me .
    love you nevrik navasartian from tehran.

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    Preni - 24.05.2008

    YOu are the Best_________________>Sir0osho<___________________-

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    Preni - 24.05.2008

    You are best of best————————->SIROOSHO<———————–
    Only Siroosh,We all Pray for U to be 1-st.
    Love U so much…:*
    Preni From Iran(Tehran)

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    greek friend - 07.06.2008


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    armeniaa(L) - 14.08.2008

    ARMENIA 4 LIVE/EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(L)(K)

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    vahan - 20.12.2008


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    marie - 05.03.2009

    sirusho is the best. sirusho u rock.n good luck!!!!!!!!!

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