A1+: 6 years off air…

 “(For years) They tried to ban A1+ TV, they sort of succeeded, but they was not able to ban A1+, for me – the symbol of free speech in Armenia. A1+ continued its life online“: source – Unzipped.

As far as I’m concerned, today A1plus is by far the best source of information in Armenia, when comparing to anything else that is available on offer. A while ago I posted an entry about the statistics of A1plus – and every figure I wrote there for the year 2007 – looks bleak when comparing the hits that the website enjoyed in the presidential election period – and the tendency continues also today. Hopefully I will be soon able to produce another report on their statistics from the start of the year, and also explore the A1plus blog and A1plus YouTube channel phenomena. I am proud, that I have my modest input into creation of the last two resources, especially the A1plus YouTube channel, which has been in the YouTube top lists of most viewed channels from the first week of its establishment.

As Artmika rightly says, today, it’s 6 years since A1+ is off air… but still on…

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. Observer, I wish I could agree. While a huge opportunity was given in the wake of A1+’s license revoking (I’ll stay away from the political nature of A1+’s initial creation and later suspension), A1+ showed its colors.
    Not independent, but opposition. Two different things.
    And sadly, I find that as others have mentioned, it is more like the (just as ugly) twin brother of the state media, with less literate editors. Pick any article, and change the word authorities with the word opposition, and it reads like a government mouthpiece.
    Now the opposition has something to be just as proud (embarrassed) of.

  2. They should have done that long time ago. I mean closed that propaganda agency. Their news was biased anyway. All the videos are cut and the incidents misinterpered. A1+ is famous for the twisted logic they are forcing to population. Everything they have done is to divide our nation. They never had neutral news and only broadcasted what they wanted to. A real mouthpiece of levon. I am happy that they are offline now.

  3. well – I didn’t say it is the most objective one, although I disagree with your statements that A1PLUS is Levon mouthpiece. I insist, however, that when one wants to know what is really going on in this country, and know it fast, A1+ is the best choice.

    also I HOPE onik read the report of the office of general prosecutor declining any case of police car run over the demonstator! poor guy he was desprate in his advocating and protecting the goverment that alsmost convicned himself that the causalty must have been reported among the 7 murders and calling car run over a special measn used by police!!!!!
    to all :
    please go to azatutyun.am and read the piece about the videon the reflection of prosecutor office

  5. thank you observer

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