Serge Sargsyan says Karabakh resolution possible

Resolution of Karabakh conflict is possible, the president of Armenia Serge Sargsyan said in an interview to Armenian Public TV, at the site of Military manoeuvres held in Artsakh by the Karabakh Self-Defense Army.

“Karabakh resolution is possible”,-president Sargsyan said in the interview,”if Azerbaijan recognizes the right of Karabakh people for self-determination; if Mountainous Karabakh has land border with Armenia and if the International Community and the leading states guarantee the security of Karabakh people”.
Serge Sargsyan’s words come days after the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev stated in his inaugural address, that Azerbaijan will never accept Karabakh independence.
President Sargsyan also said he found the recent active discussions and public debates in Armenia on the subject of Karabakh resolution “useful” and predicted an even more active phase of discussions on the subject in the future.

3 thoughts on “Serge Sargsyan says Karabakh resolution possible

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    Haik - 28.10.2008

    Thanks for the video.
    It seems that my posting that I wrot e about an hour ago is outdated now.
    Things are developing alarmingly fast.
    RK and SS think that they slaughtered and harrased all the opposition. Probably they havent been in Artsakh for some times now. AI suggest tehy go and read this article by Edik Baghdasaryan (

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    Observer - 28.10.2008

    I’ve also posted Karabakh president Bako Sahakyan’s comments on the issue, which, in a way, contradict to some of the things Serge Sargsyan is saying:

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    Tatiana83 - 29.10.2008

    Спасибо за постоянно новую информацию, всегда приятно читать.

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