Turkey-led Nagorno-Karabakh plan?

According to the plan, which Hurriet Daily News claims is part of a Turkey brokered Nagorno-Karabakh deal, Armenia would give away some towns surrounding Nagorno-Karabakh region to Azerbaijan in a specific timetable and repatriate Azeris fled the region; administration of NKR would be handed to a provisional body. Furthermore, the newspaper says Karvachar (Kelbajar) would be handed out to Azerbaijan, the railroad and highway between Azerbaijan and Armenia would be opened and international peacekeeprs would be deployed at the border region between Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.
The report has since been called absurd and false by both Armenian and Azerbaijani officials.
One wonders, however, how could all these details emerge out of thin air? Did Hurriet just invent it all? Why would it want to do it? Who do we trust?

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. The details are pretty much what we know has agreed upon in previous talks — the return of most of the occupied territories and so on. However, two issues: first, these already speculated details are not “Turkish-led” and secondly, the outstanding issues of the referendum and Lachin remain the obstacles. Probably Turkey hopes it can be seen as a mediator in the region on details that are already decided and necessary for any peace deal.

  2. Probably the report is for consumption in the West where Turkey is trying to overcome the flare up in Davos and also influence the Obama administration ahead of April. Even so, the details are as they are suspected and would have to be for peace in this region. The remaining details are the referendum and the eventual status of Lachin. Would it be eventually a demilitarized zone, for example, or the link between Armenia and NK. Nothing new in the details, just weird claims from Turkey that it is somehow responsible for them.

  3. Considering that there were meetings in Davos between SS and Erdogan. Also the resent meeting between SS and Bako Sahakyan this can’t be overruled. Anything can be expected from a regime which is desperate to keep its power. Killing its own citizens is good enough prove.

  4. Bruce Tasker and I have been trying to figure this out, so I’ll just put the link in–frankly, I’m getting dizzy:

  5. Anyways – after officials in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey all responded to Hurriet – calling it’s article a bunch of lies, etc, I don’t think there’s much point in discussing this further.

  6. there are some districts in big cities of Iran like tehran ,isfahan and shiraz in which the inhabitants are Armenians . should they also claim authority over this enclaves ?

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