Serzh Sargsian's 1 year in power

“We shall build the Armenia where mutual respect, love, and tolerance will prevail,” Serzh Sargsian swore on April 9, 2008 in his inaugural address, hidden behind a police wall that encircled most of central Yerevan.
The Northern Avenue in downtown Yerevan that has been the scene of daily meetings of opposition supporters over the past year was cleared of all protesters and remained under tight police control for the second consecutive day on Thursday. David Jalalian, a journalist from the news service who covered the incident, was beaten by one of the policemen and hospitalized from the scene. 
All of this hardly resembles the “Armenia where mutual respect, love, and tolerance prevail.”

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. Is this the future of Armenia? Everybody is respected.

    1. Row 115, 12th guy from the left is in violation of Civil Code 60025, section b, clause 14 c.: “Clapping like a sissy.” Punishable by restriction to a 5 X 5 (foot) domicile, cabbage-water dinners, and entertainment by, erm, cabel(s)(cut into two feet sections and swung).

      1. I wonder what the protocol is on when to end clapping. Do they stop when someone passes out or is there a time limit of, say, 5 minutes. Because if you stop early, you are gonna be in deep trouble for disrespecting the Great Leader.

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