Vegitation in Yerevan's most modern street watered manually

Yerevan - The irrigation system in Northern Avenue © Artur Papyan |
Yerevan - The irrigation system in Northern Avenue © Artur Papyan |

Passing by Yerevan’s newly built Northern Avenue I couldn’t help but notice today this man watering the rare green areas with a hose.
You’d expect a major architectural project like this to have some sort of proper irrigation system. But no.  I looked around and saw no traces of hidden tubes in the grass – maybe I wasn’t looking properly? Maybe it’s there but is malfunctioning so they have to water it like this?
At any rate – this doesn’t look like a proper way to handle the watering issue in such an important location in the heart of Yerevan.
The avenue was built from scratch and only opened a couple of years ago. It is supposed to be offering the best in Armenian architecture.  So, while watering the green areas and trees in Yerevan is generally a problematic issue, at least here, in this most modern and newly built street, it should have some sort of a proper solution.
Here’s something for the ‘To Do” list of Yerevan’s  ‘democratically’ elected mayor – Gagik Beglarian.

Artur Papyan

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