“Miss 7 Continents” Contest Held in Armenia

Miss 7 continents There was a lot of buzz last week about the international beauty contest “Miss Seven Continents” that was going to be held in Armenia. A group of beauties were featured prime time on Armenia TV, a number of newspapers wrote about how important this international contest is for the image of Armenia.

Clearly, a beauty contest, held in the peak of the tourist season in Armenia is a good idea. Why not? So I eagerly waited for more information. The contest took place on July 29th. Browsing through some photos I came across the one posted above. PanArmenian Photo offers a wider collection of photos. It seems natural, that I tried to find out – who won?

So I went to the official website of the contest: http://www.miss7continents.com. It turned out to be the worst website I’ve seen for years. It wasn’t clear from the website who won, or when the contest took place at all. Even worse yet, the international contest, which seems to have an impressive list of sponsors, couldn’t even find someone to translate their website texts into proper English. Here’s a citation:

Girls must be nature female, single, childless, of the minimum height of 1,68 m, must hold the nationality and reside in the country which they represent, have to communicate in English, have to can work at PC and internet, and wasn’t finalist last contests.
Each country can nominate only one contestant and one substitute for the contest.

I still want to find out now – who won? Couldn’t understand much from any of these sources covering the contest: 1, 2, 3… More importantly, I want to understand, why is it, that every good idea gets spoiled so badly in Armenia. Why didn’t organizers think of some proper publicity, why is the website so crappy and why do I have to search the web for half-an-hour to find that I’m unable to find any proper coverage of the whole thing.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. Ditord, they are all winners.

    1. Sure, give me a bikini, shave my legs and I’ll be a winner too 😉

      1. I highly doubt that 🙂

  2. I think Miss California won…or else Miss Antarctica…

    1. The contest was broadcast on TV. Did anyone see it? My personal favorite is Lithuania: http://www.miss7continents.com/product_8.html

      1. From the picture, I thought they were all Miss Armenia.

  3. Did you watch th girls and the organisers on Armenia TV hosted by Hrant Tokhatyan? Absolute disgrace. Just the fact that the organisers had agreed to be hosted on live TV with no interpeters for the girls who had to translate to each other on the basis of the familiarity of languages like – Russian/Serbian speaks both about their organisational qualities and the level of the event in general……

  4. On the less serious note: Georgian girl was absolutely jaw-dropping gorgeous, something you cannot actually see from the low quality pics on their stupid website.

    1. Yeah, the Georgian girl was really good looking, I admit… http://www.miss7continents.com/product_8.html

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