Blogging Karabakh, or Observer’s Top 9 list of Karabakh blogs

Monument "We Are Our Mountains", widely recognized as a symbol of Nagorno-Karabakh

I’ve been only able to draw a Top 9 list of blogs from Karabakh, because there are only 9 blogs from Karabakh that I know of currently and will greatly appreciate links to any other blogs from Karbakh out there.
Meanwhile, meet these guys (thanks to Kornelij for listing them). A common feature of all – Russian language.

  1. [info]mv83 – Marut Vanyan’s blog about life in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. One of the oldest and best known blogs from Karabakh. Branded with his “I love NK” logo.
  2. [info]paryor_nk – The fact is – this blog exists. Fact two is – there don’t exist any posts on this blog yet. Let’s wait, hope and see.
  3. [info]artsakhland – The only post available now is about Artsakh State University. Interesting facts: The University exists for 40 years now, it has 7 faculties, 25 departments and produces graduates of 29 specialties. There are 4500 students, 350 lecturers, professors  The blogger says the University has an electronic library, educational dental clinic, modern sports facilities, observatory. Distance learning services are also available. Read more here….
  4. [info]mshtlegh = [info]paryor_nk, let’s wait and see who breaks the silence first.
  5. [info]ba_urish – Nice userpic, that’s all I can say 🙂
  6. [info]kncmnciuk – posts a Stepanakert panorama and sits there waiting for a warm welcome.
  7. [info]ktsikrak – Recalls the words of Haidar Aliyev pronounced on 23 February, 2001 in its first and only post: “When I used to rule Azerbaijan…, we paid a lot of attention to Karabakh. I was doing that because, firstly, Nagorno Karabakh had to be inhabited by an Azeri population, and secondly – not to let Armenians rise that issue [of self-determination].”
  8. [info]p_a_t_a_r_a – Starts up with the introduction of Patara village in Karabakh. Located in Askeran region of NK, Patara is 25 km away from capital Stepanakert, placed 940 meters above the see level. More here…
  9. [info]kosorez – closing with yet another old and experienced Livejournal blogger from Karabakh, featuring a diversity of topics, news and updates from Karabakh… and a branded userpic – a Tatik&Papik.
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  1. Th new one (blogging become a something vogue in Karabakh:) (It i a real monk`s blog

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