Noble Armenian Police


A man in police uniform sitting in a police car shows his middle finger to Armenian journalists in Yerevan. Another one sitting on the backseat of the car films the journalists with earnest.

There were 11 cases of physical attacks against journalists recorded by CPFE in 2009. None of the incidents have been uncovered by the police. The photo above illustrates precisely why.

Photo via Haik Newspaper.

4 thoughts on “Noble Armenian Police

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    mk - 29.01.2010

    this directly means: fcuk the state.

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    Invisible Phantom - 31.01.2010

    Push your finger into your ass hole bitch!

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    Kornelij - 01.02.2010

    quoted as a source of the pic on my blog on KU 🙂

    1. Reply
      Observer - 01.02.2010

      Thanx for the link, Sam jan.
      PS: I’ve resumed Armenian Blog Reviews in Armenian on Munetik:

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