Frozen Eyes

The girl was short, skinny, sexless and almost ugly. And there was something startling about her.

I stared – the girl’s frozen eyes were wide open. Too wide. And she walked like a daydreamer.

“Is she under a doze?” I thought to myself. “So young! Just a kid!”

I have been hearing lots of stories about drug-related deaths recently. In most cases those are young males. Very often the deaths are occuring when using petrol (gas) as a drug. I usually take note of such cases and forget. Its just a sad statistic, just like the ever-growing number of car crashes.

But seeing a very young girl so apparently drugged on a central street in Yerevan was my wake-up call.

Drug use is growing in this country and something has to be done about that.


1 thought on “Frozen Eyes

  1. Drug use is growing all over the world!!!!!! And each of us can influence on it at least on the level of our children!

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