2 thoughts on “50 Most Frequently Given Names in Armenia

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    ARyan-Kavkas HAYaser - 23.11.2011

    well, at least its good that most in Hayastan are naming their offspring with original Armenan names. unlike another “group” of whatevers we know about who name themselves RAFFI and SHANTS. which btw: both are of ARAB origin
    ANDRANIK 150 ….woo hooo !
    we Andranik’s are few, that’s cause we are special… 🙂 ha ha !
    jaaaaaan Qaj Zorovor Saparapet ARyan-Kavkasian Andranik….u verj !

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    dancewithme - 13.12.2011

    Raffi isn’t from arab origin!! it’s from rafael, which is a Roman origin (Italy). And so what? I like raffi’s and shant’s more than old armenian names like ‘armen arman etc… , the child will be much happier with a name who’s prenouncable than an uncommon name. Aspecially if the child lives abroad or gets an international job!

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