Anna Arakelian wins the title of Miss Armenia 2012

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Anna Arakelian, a 20-year-old resident of Yerevan, was crowned Miss Armenia 2012 in the country’s first beauty contest in five years held on April 10. (A photo story by Karen Minasyan.)

4 thoughts on “Anna Arakelian wins the title of Miss Armenia 2012

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    Tamar Najarian - 13.04.2012

    she’s gorgeous! I’m glad we have Armenian back in the game. I might dislike the whole idea of beauty pageants, but seeing Armenia missing from the world pageants has been rather sad.

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    Tamar Najarian - 13.04.2012

    Reblogged this on Notes of a Spurkahye and commented:
    I may dislike beauty pageants as a whole, but I’m happy to see Armenia’s back in the game and on the map (should we take part in Miss World/Universe)

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    Ashot - 13.04.2012

    I was always kind of proud we did not take part in those beauty contests. I believed, we do not fall for that showcase of shallowness.
    But oh well…

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    Independent Armenia - 20.04.2012

    While the shallowness of these kind of contests is repugnant, I realize that a win here can be a springboard for a successful career in show business. As for the winner, there is a marked difference between the class she shows versus the majority of the other contestants.

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