Hostage Taker Shot and Killed in Yerevan

Armenia -- Gor Hakobyan holds a young girl hostage in a Billiard Bar in Yerevan's Erebuni district, 29Aug2017
Armenia — Gor Hakobyan holds a young girl hostage in a Billiard Bar in Yerevan’s Erebuni district, 29Aug2017

Armenian special police forces shot an killed a hostage taker in Yerevan’s Erebuni district.
Before bringing in the snipers, the senior police officials tried to negotiate with the hostage taker, who was identified as Gor Hakobyan, 31. He was holding a young girl in a billiards bar and threatening to kill her.
The negotiations lasted for about 1 hour. After it became clear that the talks are producing no results and there’s a danger that the hostage could get seriously hurt or killed, the sniper took a shot and wounded Hakobyan, after which the police forces stormed the building.
The hostage and Hakobyan were rushed to the hospital, but the latter died there from the wound. The police have published a video of the hostage situation.
PS: Photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan has captured some interesting photos from the scene. But I’d like to draw your attention to this one in particular (see below). There are so many things wrong at the scene, as the sniper is aiming to shoot, that I don’t even want to get started on commenting about it.
Police Sniper Shoots a Hostage Taker in Yerevan
Armenia — Police Sniper Shoots a Hostage Taker in Yerevan, 29Aug2017


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  1. Hakobyan DID NOT KILL 5 PEOPLE in USA. In America anyone who commits murder gets a life or death sentence. Gor moved to Armenia with his own will. He coould of stayed in American if he wanted to. Shame on reporters from Armenia for writing false stories and not confirming actual facts. Gor was loved and cared for by many people. Gor has helped many less fortunate people in his life, his first 13 days in Armenia Gor was helping the less fortunate and he continued to do so on weekly basis. Gor was a honor student, all his grades in school were A’s, hisbteachers and classmates enjoyed having him around. Gor wantes to continue higher education. People need to start looking into that girl who is very corrupted and there is more to her story. Gors life shouldnt have been taken away in such a cold hearted manner. He was asking for a attorney and 5 other people, they should of gave him what he was asking for. Thats why there are trained negotiators for those type of situations.
    Oh and there are official court documents from USA that can verify that Gor did not KILL 5 people in America.

    1. Please, if you have facts, give me some links, I’ll be more than happy to investigate and publish a second story.

    2. Gor was a known menace, a thug, and criminal. He caused a lot of problems for innocent people both in the US and Armenia. He ran away from the US to evade law enforcement. The video of the incident and the way he was acting toward the hostage shows who he really was. Death to killers.

  2. BTW – there’s this second video, which shows how two shots are fired

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