1 thought on “Russian-Israeli blogger defeats Azerbaijan's Karabakh blacklist

  1. While I, of course, condemn the Azerbaijani powers and the sheer stupidity of their stance on Karabakh, it surprises me that almost no one speaks of the fact that Lapshin knowingly violated Azerbaijan’s laws. Knowing that he had been blacklisted, he used his other passport with alternative spelling of his name to gain unlawful entry into Azerbaijan. While his beatings in prison would be a violation of human rights, and Azerbaijan should be condemned and brought to justice in the international court of law for their mistreatment of political prisoners, and Lapshin in particular, he certainly had his imprisonment coming with the way he taunted Azerbaijan. I’m glad Lapshin is on the Armenian side with his rhetoric now, but he does sound like a spoiled cry-baby, who got punished for knowingly violating house rules. Had it not been for his mistreatment in jail, I wouldn’t have shed a tear for his Azerbaijani misadventures.

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