Cardboard-Tank Activist Faces Jail Term for Running into National Security Service’s Gate


Activist Artak Gevogryan, a member of the “Counterstrike” art-group, faces 2 years in jail on hooliganism charges for running into the metal gate of Armenia’s National Security Service with his cardboard tank. Continue reading


US embassy cables: Armenia Admits Selling Weapons to Iran

The latest WikiLeaks publication of a US embassy cable has revealed more details of Armenia’s role in transferring some 1000 RPG-22s and 260 PKM machine guns to Iran, a charge which Armenia had denied according to an earlier cable.

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Minor Turkish Party Uses Armenia to Promote Itself

Armenia -- Rudi Meral (left), Tuna Beklevic (center), Baybars Orsek, in Yerevan

Representatives of a minor political party in Turkey, who were detained by National Security Service (NSS) and asked to leave the country last week, have announced plans to come back to Armenia again in November.

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