Cardboard-Tank Activist Faces Jail Term for Running into National Security Service's Gate
Activist Artak Gevogryan, a member of the “Counterstrike” art-group, faces 2 years in jail on hooliganism charges for running into the metal gate of Armenia’s National Security Service with his cardboard tank.
Gevorgyan was allowed to freely roam Yerevan’s streets with his cardboard tank and approach other public buildings, like the Constitutional Court, Central Electoral Commission and the Police. This is how Gevorgyan was expressing his protest against the injustice in the country.
“You’ve got your tanks, I’ve got mine too,” the activist explains the meaning of his action.
The NSS didn’t get the joke with the little, non-threatening, green tank. The activist was charged with “obvious disrespect towards the public, grave violation of public order, interfering with the work of security officials and making them anxious about the security of the assets entrusted to them.”
The “Counterstrike” art-group has a history of getting in trouble with the authorities for their rebellious art-installations. One could say, that the guy was actually asking for trouble banging into NSS gate like that. In fact, the NSS would look pretty stupid if it hadn’t reacted. But the punishment they’re calling for is just way too much… I think a fine would have been more than enough, unless they’re making a statement here!

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant