Disgrace: CEC Confirms Serzh Sargsyan's "Victory"

Among continuous opposition protests, in a situation, when main opposition challenger Ter-Petrossian’s supporters are being bullied, fired from their jobs or arrested, with the most recent cases being those of New Times party Aram Karapetyan’s and Smbat Ayvazyan’s arrests, the Central Electoral Commission has announced the final results of the election vote count, according to which Serzh Sargsyan has been elected president.The final results announced at the CEC sitting are as follows:

Artur Baghdasaryan – 272.427 votes, or 17,7%,
Artashes Geghamyan – 7524 votes, or 0,46%,
Tigran Karapetyan – 9792 votes, or 0,6%,
Aram Harutyunyan – 2892 votes, or 0,17%,
Vahan Hovhannisyan – 100.966 votes, or 6,2%,
Vazgen Manukyan – 21075 votes, or 1,3%,
Arman Melikyan – 4399 votes, or 0,27%,
Serzh Sargsyan 862.369 votes, or 52,82%,
Levon Ter-Petrossyan 351.222 votes, or 21,2%.

Source: Echannel.am

Interestingly, the “Orinats Yerkir”(“Rule of Law”) and “Zharangutyun” (“Heritage”) party representatives were not participating in the CEC session, while the ARF-Dashnaktsutyun representative at the CEC – Hamlet Abrahamyan has expressed his special opinion on the elections, saying, that the violence, vote buying and bullying seen in the Armenian elections give him grounds to state, that the electoral system in Armenia needs a deep and major revision.

1 million 669 thousand 114 citizens voted. Serzh Sargsyan is Leading, Officially

The elections signified by an incredible number of violations, are over. I spent the election day in the newsroom of the Echannel.am. Complaints and information on various violations kept pouring in. The situation was apparently several times worse in the Regions. Our journalists visited several sites of violations and noted the boldness with which those were being carried out: ballots stuff, voters intimidated, journalists hindered from their work. Reports from Hetq, Echannel, Armnifo, A1plus give me enough background to state, that the authorities most coldheartedly raped the concept of free and fair elections and might as well get away with it. Anyway, below is some official data on the outcome of elections from Echannel.am.

The president of the Central Electoral Commission Garegin Azatyan informed that in the elections of February 19 in 1913 polling stations from 1923 opened in Armenia voted about 1 million 669thousand 114 voters. The following is the breakdown of votes for all candidates:

  1. Serzh Sargsyan -859 658 votes
  2. Levon Ter Petrosyan – 349 781 votes
  3. Arthur Baghdasaryan -271 698 votes
  4. Vahan Hovhannisyan- 100 545 votes
  5. Vazgen Manoukyan -20 930 votes
  6. Tigran Karapetyan -9 747 votes
  7. Artashes Geghamyan -7 458 votes
  8. Arman Melikyan – 4 354 votes
  9. Aram Harutyunyan 3 098 votes

For live chart of election results click here: http://elections.am/ActiveElection.swf

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