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The Amazing Armenian Space Station Band

When I first came across “Armenian Space Station’s” music video on Facebook this morning, there were no signs of warning that I would end up spending hours on it. Listening non-stop. Enjoying non-stop.

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The Beautified Project – Kilikia

I have been following “The Beautified Project” band for several years now and either my musical tastes have evolved, or the band has changed, but I’m growing increasingly more fond of their sound. The song, Kilikia, in their interpretation is just great and so I decided to take the chance and publish some info about them on this blog.


Armenian rock band ready to sing in Baku

No official announcement has yet been made, but the online social networking sites are filled with the video of the Armenian rock band, The Dorians, for its new song “This Is Our World”. This group is described by many as a plausible pick to represent Armenia in the Azerbaijani capital.


09.10.2007 at 21:00 Lennon's birthday celebrated by Bambir

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09.10.2007 at 21:00 Lennon’s birthday