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  1. I hope Armenia would send the Dorians to Baku, their message is very human and touching. Let’s go there with a strong song that has a peaceful message, if Azeris react in a negative way, well then the whole world will see their true color. PEOPLE, IT’S A WIN-WIN SITUATION FOR US, STOP SAYING THAT WE SHOULDN’T GO TO EUROVISION THIS YEAR.
    And please, don’t send that Lucia Moon girl there, she’s a nobody, her voice sucks, her songs suck. If we send her there, we would be a mockery in the land of the enemies, then we would have made their day. Let Channel 1 (Arajin alik) forget corruption just for this year, because seriously ever since Sirusho came in 4th in 2008, it was a downhill for us, each year sucked more than the previous. Need I remind u of last year’s fiasco? Azeris prepare day and night for this, they pay Swedish composers and lyricists (bec obviously Azeri music is a joke) to write successful songs, whereas Armenians send air-headed dolls with zero taste in music, let alone vocal capabilities (Emmy). I know the Eurovision is not a serious song contest, but let’s face it if we wanna introduce our culture to a whole continent that knows little about us, we shouldn’t take the task lightly. We have a remarkable culture, great composers (although they are few), why not try our best? Amot, how did we let retard Azerbaijanis win the Eurovision before us? How? We have a 4000 year old culture, they don’t have a culture, they’re half persian, half turkish and the rest God knows what.

  2. “We have a 4000 year old culture, they don’t have a culture, they’re half persian, half turkish and the rest God knows what.” Aram when someone insult the nation this is the rate of weakness and illiteracy. If you will have further questions please visit my blog, hope you will like it!

    1. OMG look who’s preaching about peace? Your nation’s identity is only built on the antagonistic ideology of anything Armenian. You only exist because you deny us. You’re one of the most hypocrite and terrorist people that ever existed, to claim your right on Nakhichevan your coward soldiers destroyed any Armenian monument they could find. If that wasn’t enough, you claim every historical Armenian monastery and church in Armenian and Artsakh to be Caucasian Albanian and thus “azerbaijani”. Yeah right, even your Turkish brothers didn’t even get that low to do that.
      Armenia is a name mentioned by historians and maps thousands of years ago be it Roman, Persian, Greek, Arab. When did the name “azerbaijan” come into existence? Tell me the origin of your people, please tell me your phony history! Do you think that just because you got some petro-dollars you can go ahead and lie about everything and create your fake, totally made-up identity. Pray to God that the World stays oil dependent for very long and don’t get totally oil independent and go green, because when that happens, you’ll directly go back to the dark ages and no one – NOT EVEN TURKEY – will care about you. Everybody knows the truth about you, they’re just playing along, once the game is over, your end will be near. Unless you truly care about justice and peace, STOP spreading hatred and lies about Armenians. Do you see any hateful or misleading posts on this blog or any other Armenian blog? VERY RARELY. But when it comes to you, you’re nothing but a hateful scumbags from Ilham Aliyev to your criminal “hero” Ramil Safarov. 600 people dead in Khojaly is not a GENOCIDE, 1.5 million people dead is a GENOCIDE. A genocide is the will to wipe a whole nation by committing EXTREMELY LARGE SCALE massacres against them (not by killing 600 people).
      Please, next time, know very well who you’re addressing, we’re not one of your retarded people that believe anything you teach them.

      1. Baic mievnuyn jamanak haykakan lsact ergeri 99 tokose azerbejanakana. Hayere misht asumen 4000 tarva azgen baic vouch erk vochel utelik unen.

      2. Before blaming have a look what armenians did to the city Aghdam 

      3. Ադրբեջանը հանդիսանում է լավագույնը

  3. I consider further comments that continue the above discussion counterproductive and will delete/moderate them.
    If anyone has anything to say about the fact of Armenian band’s participation in the Eurovision, i.e. should they go or they shouldn’t, the song is good or bad, please feel free to comment.

    1. this year’s Eurivsion contest will be heavily politicized. No doubt Azerbaijan will use it to highlight Artsakh topic.
      Does it make sense to go to Baku with a peace and love Song “This is our world” knowing that Azerbaijan telling the world Armenia occupying 20% of our land?

      1. I feel the same. I somehow know that even in the slightest form, in the most subtle and indirect way, or in the most obvious and offensive way all the other way around, they are going to put up some thing to make us look bad, because of the Artsakh issue, or trying to show the world how we “stole their culture”.
        I also believe we should really present a song with a strong Armenian flavor. I remember reading somewhere (I believe it was, I can’t remember) that the Azeries threatened us to denounce our song to the EBU directive if it “had the slightest feel of Azeri music”. I would really like our song in Eurovision to have an Armenian tune, (see how we did with Sirusho and with the Arshakyan sisters), and not just some copy of Western music (see how we did with Emmy).
        Or maybe I just came from listening to the Georgian entry and felt incredibly ashamed for the Georgians, and I don’t want Hayastan to be in such a pathetic position.

  4. I think it is VERY RIGHT choice! Dorians MUST be there! Our participation must be peaceful and meaningful! But not empty and foolish, as it used to be!

  5. I feel that Armenia must boycott Azerbaijan all the way until their terrorist acts and nature is removed. I actually consider this an insult to our people of Artsakh. These terrorists are shooting and killing Armenians regularly in Artsakh, and we commemorate the death of an Armenian hacked by an axe by an Azeri terrorist, and now we will send Armenians to Baku to play music? For what? This is like US sending a rock group to a Taliban rally in Afghanistan.
    Last year an American company visiting Azerbaijan had an Armenian employee, and because of this they would not let her in because of her name… as if she is entering “paradise”… it was only a business trip. We need to take this into account and ignore Azerbaijan. Instead of visiting Azerbaijan, we need to take their terrorist country to international courts for spreading false propaganda about Armenia, threatening Armenia and wasting everyone’s time with so-called “Khojaly Genocide”.
    We don’t need these terrorists, they are irrelevant. Aronian boycotted Azerbaijan and it was the right thing to do, now the musicians should follow suit.

  6. To Observer: Why did you delete my last comment again? I do not appreciate that. I did not direct anything against anyone personally, I expressed my opinion about a country. Do you want me to stop visiting your blog? If you do just say it and I will.

    1. There must have been an error, or there has been something which I have found to be offensive. My blog – my rules. If you don’t like it – feel free not to read it.

      1. I wasn’t impressed with your reply. When someone attacks a person or group with profanity, hatred, etc it may be your right to delete their comments, but when someone makes an honest attempt at writing and expresses an opinion, perhaps they spent a lot of time on it, it is not appropriate to say “My blog – my rules. If you don’t like it – feel free not to read it” – That is precisely what is wrong with the country you are trying to blog about; Dodi Gago mentality.

        1. Arlen, I blog on my rare free time. I do this blog as a way for myself to keep track of important news stories and developments in the country, as well as a volunteer public service to my blog’s readers.
          All I get in return, is accusations, threats, offensive emails, thousands of SPAM messages.
          Moderating comments, writing, etc. – those are all time consuming and boring tasks which I do as best as I can. I often moderate comments using mobile devices, on tiny screens and sometimes comments get deleted by mistake or because I didn’t have enough time to read carefully. That’s the reality. Take it, or leave it.

  7. I guess people in Armenia take Eurovision too seriously. It had a goal to unite Europe after WW2. now it became a warzone between countries from which some aren’t even part of Europe.

  8. So then I will repeat what I said the first time. No Armenian must step foot in Azerbaijan, unless it is for liberating more Armenian land. Sending Armenian musicians to Azerbaijan while they are shooting and murdering young Armenians in Karabakh is a major insult to all Armenians. Azerbaijanis are full of themselves. Last year an Armenian employee was banned from entering Baku on business even though she was with an American company.
    Why must Armenians bow down to criminals? I do not agree with any of you here that we should send musicians to Azerbaijan. Aronian did the right thing boycotting the chess games in Azerbaijan, every other Armenian must do the same.

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