Armenian Oligarchs, Their Hummers and More…

HummerIn her post “It’s not all gold that shines…” the Armenian Odar says “…at least one of the Hummers making Yerevan’s streets unsafe, uses gas. The owner had the petroltank replaced by gastanks in the hatchback, because gas is cheaper than petrol.”
Armenian Odar only fell off her chair laughing at this, while I remember nearly having a heart attack when I first found out… 🙂
In the meanwhile the President of Armenia – yet another one of our oligarchs according to this rather dubious list of Top Ten Rich People in the country, is having all fun and no work according to this post by the Armenia Blog: “Robert Kocharyan to Vacation in Paris.”

Artur Papyan

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  1. Armenia Blog has a detailed explanation why exactly the story with Gas-fuelled Hummers are funny 😀 I found it very educational…

  2. From Armenia Blog
    I don’t normally report on rumors and “he says, she says” sorts of things, but this is a funny one: at least one Armenian Hummer owner has converted his car to natural gas, as it’s cheaper than gasoline! Why is this funny? Well…
    1) Hummers are expensive: an H2 Hummer costs around $50,000 in the United States, probably more in Armenia.
    2) Hummer are inefficient: they burn a lot of fuel, because they’re very heavy.
    3) Most people hate them, as they are dangerous to others, both cars and pedestrians, and pollute much more.
    Now, none of the above is entirely funny, but combine them, if you will: purchasing an expensive, big, heavy, and inefficient car, shipping it to Armenia, causing terror on the streets of Yerevan while displaying your wealth…and having to convert it to natural gas for it to be lighter on your wallet!
    Okay, if that isn’t entirely great – and to be honest, it isn’t that funny after all – rumor also has it that the owners fill their cars up at night so no one sees! Ah, I love the Armenia’s many contradictions.

  3. I know I should have been shocked, but I wasn’t – I really could only laugh. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. It might be a sign I’ve been in this country too long. Nothing surprises me anymore…
    When I told the Hummer-story to a friend, he said he knew. Why? Because once he got a call from a friend: “Listen to this, I am waiting in line at a gas station now and there is a Hummer waiting in line in front of me!”
    Actually I had been wondering about when these guys would fill up their Hummers, knowing how decidedly uncool it is to be seen with such a car at a gas station. Thanks for clarifying that for me!

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